Maryland Search Engine Optimization Firm

You may have this great, freshly designed perfect looking website but what good is it if you have no one to show it to?  Website design and website search engine optimization go hand in hand.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of making changes to your website’s content, design and code to make it more readable by search engines.  Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing, are just computers that scour the internet constantly looking for more pages to add to it’s almost infinite index of websites and web pages.

So, why do I care?
As a business owner you should care.  Have you ever searched google for a contractor to perform work on your home? Or googled reviews of a new restaurant to find out what people thought of it? Google (and other search engines) is how the modern consumer makes decisions on how he or she finds new companies to do business with.  You want to make sure your website has the appropriate content so that when google reads your page, it knows what your page is about.

Ok great, so I’ll just add some keywords that will make sense to my site, is that it?
And you could certainly do that but most likely you are going to be competing with millions of other companies for the same keywords and even if you were successful in that, you might not even see the increase in business you’re looking for.  For example, if you run an italian restaurant you might want to use “Italian restaurant” as your main keyword.  “Italian Restaurant” has over 800,000 searches a month — pretty nice.  However you would be competing with about 18.5 million companies for the same exact keyword and the first spot on the google results list which sees about 80% of that 800k views.

That’s where we come in.

Any good business person knows that it’s nice to have any new customers interact with your business. If you can imagine setting up a booth along the street while a massive parade passes through, you might not find you get quite the quality of customers that you’re looking for.  You might find some people at the parade might happen be interested in your services but probably not a high percentage of them.

What we do is we position your booth (your website) in a place where people are looking for you.  In the plumber’s case we might get your website found for the keyword “Silver Spring residential plumbers.”  This term may only receive 100 searches a month but all of those people are specifically looking for a plumber, in silver spring, who works in people’s homes.  We’ve narrowed the crowd down to just the people who are looking for you.

We offer web design but also maryland search engine optimization services and will help you find a keyword that will drive new business to you.  SEO is not about being first on the google search for a generic term.  It’s about finding customers that are looking for your business and the services you offer in the area you offer them and making sure you show up.  That’s what we call, local internet marketing through search engine optimization.